Thursday, December 10, 2009

All He Is Saying Is Give War a Chance

In his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, Barack Obama noted there are times when war is morally necessary.

I love it! The Norweenines thought they had tapped John Lennon for their award. Instead they got someone more closely approximating the reviled George W. Bush.


Jim R said...

President Obama surprised me on this speech, pleasantly. I think he is beginning to get it scaramouche.

Now if he could just get an editor to shorten them.

scaramouche said...

"He is beginning to get it" about the whole jihad thing, you mean? Somehow I doubt it. I think what happened is that he got stuck between Iraq and a hard place--ie the Left's contention that Afghnaistan is the "good war" to Bush's "bad" Iraq war. Now he finds that exticating the U.S. from the "good" war isn't quite as simple as he'd thought, and he's trying to have it both ways--get "al Qaeda" (the enemy), pretend the Taliban isn't part of the global jihad, and hightail it outta there no matter what in 18 months.

scaramouche said...

"WASHINGTON — Barack Obama split the difference in his Nobel speech, laying down a doctrine that will likely define his presidency: a steadfast defense of warfare against evil, praise of nonviolence and exhortations for mankind to affirm the "spark of the divine" in everyone."

As I said--he wants to have it both ways.