Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bush Lied, the Climate Died

NYT "sage" Thomas L. Friedman briefly considers the Climategate scandal, but dismisses it a nanosecond later:
“Climategate” was triggered on Nov. 17 when an unidentified person hacked into the e-mails and data files of the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit, one of the leading climate science centers in the world — and then posted them on the Internet. In a few instances, they revealed some leading climatologists seemingly massaging data to show more global warming and excluding contradictory research.
Frankly, I found it very disappointing to read a leading climate scientist writing that he used a “trick” to “hide” a putative decline in temperatures or was keeping contradictory research from getting a proper hearing. Yes, the climate-denier community, funded by big oil, has published all sorts of bogus science for years — and the world never made a fuss. That, though, is no excuse for serious climatologists not adhering to the highest scientific standards at all times.
That said, be serious: The evidence that our planet, since the Industrial Revolution, has been on a broad warming trend outside the normal variation patterns — with periodic micro-cooling phases — has been documented by a variety of independent research centers...
"Independent" research based on the CRU's fudged computer models. (Don't you love the way TLF calls those unwilling to cede control to a bunch of power-mad control freaks "the climate-denier community"--as if we deny not just the "settled science" of climate change, but the world's climate in and of itself.)

By the way, TLF's entree into this piece about the Copenhagen conference is a swipe at--wait for it--Dick Cheney (hence my heading, in case you were wondering).

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