Saturday, December 5, 2009

Don't Look Now, But There's a New Thought "Crime" in Canada

Well, it’s here--my official e-vite to the Third Biennial Combating Hatred in the 21st Century conference. As an attendee of the second conference back in ‘07 (little did I know then what I know now), I got to be up close and personal with “human rights” industry--an entire day of whining, dining and vigorous back-patting put on by U of T law school and underwritten by corporate Canada, including a few Bay Street law firms.

Number Three, according to the invitation, would afford me “the rare opportunity to come together with all sectors of the justice community for the purpose of gaining insight into current trends, issues, strategies, tools and remedies that address the threat of hatred and bias crimes in our society.” (My emphasis.)

Exsqueeze me? You mean that, along with policing/criminalizing “hatred” we’ve added a new thought crime--“bias”--to the repertoire?

Sounds like a “make work” project to me--there isn’t enough genuine “hatred” around to keep the “human rights” folks busy, so now they’re gonna getcha if you’re apt to lean in an unacceptable direction.

When (and how) did they slip that one past us?

One is compelled to note that even as thought crimes get struck down and a parliamentary committee continues to assess the validity of state censorship; even as there’s been a great hue and cry since the last Combating Hatred confab, what with Islamists trying to silence the likes of Levant and Steyn, and the “human rights” industry exposed for the ugly, thuggish, insidious racket it is, the apparatchiks ignore the train wreck, and continue to party like it’s 2007.

“Bias crimes”? Egad. It gets more Orwellian (and Maoist, and Soviet-like) with each passing day.

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