Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Few Modest Requests

You know how rock/pop/hip hop stars have certain requirements that must be satisfied if the management wants them to feel comfortable enough to perform--say, an all-white dressing room, Stoli on ice, and a honking big glass jar full of purple jelly beans and only purple jelly beans? Well, that's not unlike rapper Sheik KSM's demands for his NYC "gig". Tom Trento has them on the FrontPage Magazine site:
1. Only fresh Halal food …no frozen crap.

2. A brand new Holy Qur’an …untouched by infidel pigs.

3. No Jews anywhere near me.

4. ACLU attorney’s …4 or 5 or 6! (they can be Jews).

5. My own column in the NY Times.

6. No Jews anywhere near me.

7. All my trial expenses paid by American taxpayer dog.

8. My personal copy of the US Constitution …signed by Pelosi

9. Immediate approval for my Green Card
10. No Jews anywhere near me.
Sounds reasonable.

1 comment:

Bob Devine said...

Its a good thing he is a rapper eh. Being a Muslim he would be in big trouble if he was making music which is not allowed in the Islamic Cult I have heard. They might have to cut his head off if he gets to melodic in his renderings.