Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Follow the Yellow Brick Road (to Oblivion)

With word that Iran may be mere days away from having enough enriched uranium to make an A bomb, and the reality that Obama's huggy-kissy approach to Hitler's heirs has been an abject failure, I thought it was a good time to dust off this one (Ahmadinejad channeling the Scarecrow) from the scaramouche vaults:
I could flex my every muscle
Best Satan in a tussle.
It wouldn’t be a fluke.
The whole world we’d be leadin’
And the West we could be bleedin’
If I only had a nuke.

I’d exact our retribution.
Wrap up Hitler’s “solution”--
That dude was not a kook.
All the Jews would be vapour,
You could read it in the paper,
If I only had a nuke.

Oh, I will tell a lie--
Our urain’yum’s sweet and good.
It’s so “poor” folks they don’t need to chop some wood,
And say that I’m like Robin Hood.

I am not a case that’s mental.
Our “truth” ain’t incidental.
We’ll weather your rebukes.
You must know it’s realistic
That we plan to go ballistic
If I only had a nuke.

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