Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Green--It's the New Red

David Warren weighs in on the most collossal scam in history:
...This "man-made crisis" is the successor to many previous environmental scares, each designed as a means to shake down western taxpayers, and justify the creation of huge, intrusive, national and international bureaucracies for the benefit of their sponsors. One thinks of everything from the pioneering DDT scare of the early 1960s, forward -- including the various Club of Rome forecasts from the 1970s, and even the "global cooling" scare of the previous generation, now conveniently buried in the mists of the world before Google.

Older readers will remember how we were going to run out of oil in the 1980s, among other commodities; or perhaps the "population bomb keeps ticking" mantra. And then there was "nuclear winter," quite distinct from the impending Ice Age forecast, and successor to it. It has become harder to remember the profligate United Nations and other institutional efforts to mobilize planetary missions against these imaginary threats.

As these frauds have been perpetrated by largely the same class of people, each environmental scare has benefited from experience gained in publicizing the previous one, through supine liberal media. "Environmentalism" has moreover ballooned since the fall of the Berlin Wall, as the Reds of this world, defeated in the ambition to impose socialism directly, have turned Green in pursuit of the same end: the creation of an international command economy, under their own "expert" direction...

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