Sunday, December 13, 2009

Harpoon's Modest Proposal

The Toronto Star's beloved editorial page editor emeritus/shill for the Islamist perspective, Harpoon Siddiqui, thinks Canada's Criminal Code should extend all the way to...Afghanistan:
Over this parliamentary Christmas break, let's remind each Tory MP that we still don't know how many Afghan detainees were handed over to the Afghan authorities; that such transfers are still taking place; that the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission says torture is still rampant; that having a hand in torture is a war crime and also a crime under our own Criminal Code; and that Canadians believe in the rule of law even if the Tories don't.
Hate to break in with a bracing dose of reality there Harpoon, but Canadians aren't torturing anyone. It's the Muslims who are doing the torture, so how about lambasting them instead of the government that's committed to keeping Canadian troops in that godforsaken place so they can fight and die for sharia law (upon which Afghanistan's constitution is predicated)?

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