Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jihad is NOT the Way; Sharia is NOT the Goal

Having trouble keeping your "youts" from running away and joining the jihad? Only one thing to do--call out the "deradicalizer". CNN has the details:
(CNN) -- They are a little like the deprogrammers who try to coax young -- and not so young -- impressionable people out of cults. But if anything, their work is more important. They are in the middle of a web that includes would-be terrorists, distraught families and anxious federal authorities.

Deradicalizers find themselves busier than ever, dealing with young Muslim men who live in America but want to wage jihad in Pakistan, Somalia or Afghanistan. Influenced by radicalized friends or preachers, sometimes by what they read, see and hear on the Internet, they become fixated by a sense of injustice toward Muslims around the world.

CNN has learned that one of the most experienced of these deradicalizers was intimately involved in efforts to find five young men who vanished from their homes in northern Virginia at the end of November. On Wednesday, Pakistani officials reported the arrest of the five in the town of Sargodha in Punjab.

The young men's families went to the offices of Council on American Islamic Relations in Washington on the morning of December 1, shortly after discovering their sons were missing. They'd also discovered a disturbing video posted by one of them.

The council contacted a Muslim community organization involved in deradicalization efforts, the director of that organization said. Given the sensitivity of the case, the organization has asked not to be identified. The executive director of the council, Nihad Awad, confirmed the role of the organization to CNN.

The deradicalizer said he contacted the FBI and, together with the council, worked closely with U.S. authorities to locate the men. FBI agents interviewed family members of the missing men in northern Virginia and young Muslims living in the area, he said. The Muslim community in northern Virginia was very cooperative, he said, and "the FBI was careful not to strong-arm the community."...
Quel relief! That gives the "deradicalizer" a shot at un-brainwashing these poor little lambs who have gone astray and teaching them the "true," peaceful path of Islam.

Just kidding. This has to be the biggest scam going since those CRU guys monkeyed around with their computer models.

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