Thursday, December 17, 2009

Making a List and Checking It Twice

"Santa" Siddiqui, lover of "human rights," itemizes Canada's many post-9/11 "excesses":
  • Maher Arar.
  • Similar Canadian complicity in the torture in Syria of three other Canadian Arabs (who are negotiating a settlement with Ottawa and, unlike Arar, getting nowhere).
  • The 2003 arrest of 23 men in Toronto on false accusations of being an Al Qaeda sleeper cell bent on blowing up the CN Tower.
  • Benamar Benatta, an Algerian refugee claimant "rendered" the day after 9/11 to the U.S., where he was held five years before being cleared of any wrongdoing (and who's now suing Ottawa).
  • Stephen Harper's stalling tactics in the probe of possible Canadian complicity in torture in Afghanistan, and his obstinacy – for reasons of ideology or partisan politics – in refusing to take Omar Khadr back from Guantanamo.
  • The five Arabs held under security certificates, without charge and without being told why, cases that are collapsing in the courts, with two already tossed out.
Man, do we ever suck. Why can't the government learn to relax and ignore the jihad (the jihadi laddies training for holy war up in cottage country; the imams who spew hate with impunity; the way the RCMP, our "human rights" outfits and our Immigration and Refugee Review Board have been infiltrated and compromised)? It would make everything so much easier for all concerned.

My letter:

That’s an awfully one-side balance sheet Haroon Siddiqui has compiled--one that lists all the government “excesses” but omits such items as police busting the Mississauga 16 and an imam at a Toronto Somali mosque preaching hatred, a Canadian Muslim being arrested for taking part in the Mumbai massacre, among other non-government “excesses.”

It’s a good thing Siddiqui is a columnist and not an accountant.
Update: A song for "Santa":

You better watch out.
You better repent.
You better accede and stifle dissent:
Harpoon S. is making a list.

He's tallying up
And keeping a score.
He knows what he likes and what to deplore.
Harpoon S. is making a list.

He can't stand Stephen Harper.
That dude is just de trop.
And, anyway, Conservatives aren't supposed to be On top.

So--you better be nice
And easy to gull
'Cause Muslims' "struggle's" so
Harpoon S. is making a list...

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