Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Even Close

In an obvious show of desperation, Harry Reid compares those who balk at government plans to get its mitts on the health care sector to "those who supported slavery."

Let's see: slavery supporters thought it okay to have human beings as their property, while those who balk at Obamacare don't want their bodies to become the property of the government.

Hmm. I think Harry may have to work his analogizing skills. They seem to be every bit as inept as the government care he's so frantically touting.

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Jim R said...

In was only a matter of time. A good sign the bill to setup the 'Ministry of Health' is in real trouble.

Harry is such a pitiful figure in his voice and demeanor. You just want to reach out, wipe away his tears, wrap him in a Snuggle, and tell him every thing is going to be ok.