Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanks For Clearing That Up

Here's how the question "DOES ISLAAM OPPRESS WOMEN" is answered on the website of Toronto's Somali Mosque:
Certainly not. Rather, Islaam liberated women over 1400 years ago and elevated them to a status that surpasses the roles placed upon them by any religion or culture. They are given full rights and they wear the Hijab (Islaamic covering), not because they are forced to do so, but because our Creator, Allaah, has commanded them to do so. In Islaam, women are not abused or oppressed but they are respected and cared for. As a result, Islaam is the fastest growing religion in the world amongst women.
One must agree that, in terms of women's rights, sharia was real cutting edge back when it arrived on the scene. Today, though--not so much. (Gotta love that line about chicks not being "forced" to wear the hijab but wearing it because Allah commands it--uh, same diff, no?)

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