Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"The Whole City Has Been Turned Into A Disneyland of Climate Change Political Correctness"

Bruce Bawer reports from Cophenhagen, or "Pyong Yang" as he calls it, since the whole city has been festooned with the kind of gibungous "on message" outdoor propaganda favoured by totalitarian North Korea. Bawer notes that the eco-freaks seem to be concerned about a lot more than the weather; he's espied "stuff about America, Capitalism and gender this and gender that." Which may not have much to do with a polar bear's ability to cling to a melting ice floe, but does have an enormous amount to do with transforming the planet into a UN-controlled Socialist paradise, the globalists' real agenda. (And one of the reasons--the other being its petroleum industy, of course--why the Wahhabis are dubioius about the science: because the eco-agenda is competition for their sharia agenda. Gee, if I have to pick between the two Prophets--Al and Mo--I'm going to have to opt out.)

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