Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And Then There's Maude

In the days when Grits ruled the land, smug lefty/eco-freak Maude Barlow used to wear the maple leaf with pride whene'er she traveled. No longer. Stephen Harper, the scary Conservative who refuses to take his marching orders from the internationalistas--Maudie's tribe--has made her cower with shame, as she writes in the Globe and Mail:
I am personally ashamed of my country as I travel internationally. In a world calling out for new models of justice, conflict resolution and environmental stewardship, Canada could be playing such a powerful role as it has done in the past. Stephen Harper with a majority frightens me.
Yes, isn't it a shame that Canada has manifested some stones and doesn't automatically go with the Israel-loathing flow such that it was the first to stand up tall and tell the Durban II racists to take a hike? Things were ever so much better back in the days of Jean Chretien's "honest brokerage," eh Maude?

Funny thing, that pride. I, for one, have never been prouder to be a Canuck.

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