Friday, January 1, 2010

Danish Mosque Plans Stymied By Expense of Infidel Real Estate

From Islam Online:
CAIRO – The lack of funding is hindering Danish Muslims' dream of the first Sunni mosque in the capital Copenhagen.
"Lack of funding is hampering our efforts to buy a plot of land in Copenhagen to build our mosque," Abdel-Hamid Al-Hamdi, chairman of the Islamic Council of Denmark, told over the phone.
Copenhagen city council agreed in 2006 to allow Muslims to build their first mosque in the capital.
"The city council offered 12 plots of land for Muslims to pick up one to build the mosque," Al-Hamdi recalls.
Muslim leaders chose a 5,000-cubic-meter piece adjacent to two Muslim-populated areas of the capital worth nearly $5 million.

Funding is also standing as a stumbling bloc for building a mosque in Arhus, Denmark’s second-largest city.

"Muslims are unable to fund the mosque construction as lands in Denmark are the most expensive in the world," notes Sheikh Radwan Mansour, the head of the Arhus Cultural Society.
In 2006, the city council agreed to allow Muslims to build a mosque in the city, but the dream has since not come true.
Denmark has a Muslim minority of nearly 250,000 out of its 5.4 million-strong population.
Islam is the country's second largest religion after the state-run Lutheran Protestant Church...
Ah, yes--number two. The Avis of religions. And therefore always trying that much harder.

Sounds to me like someone's looking for a handout (from Wahhabis with deep pockets, perhaps?) to get construction in 'Toonland back on track.

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Rick said...

5000 CUBIC METERS? That some big honkin mosque