Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jihadi Tries to Censor Danish 'Toonist--Permanently

Police is Denmark shot a Somali jihadi as he was trying to break into the home of Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist who raised the ire of sensitive jihadis far and wide when, insolent kafir that he is, he drew that turban-bomb 'toon. From the Telegraph:
...Mr Westergaard was there with a five-year-old granddaughter when the attacker tried to get in.

"I locked myself in our safe room. He tried to smash the entrance door with an axe," he said.

He said that the assailant shouted "revenge" and "blood" as he tried to enter the bathroom where Mr Westergaard and the child had sought shelter.

"My grandchild did fine," he said. "It was scary. It was close. Really close. But we did it."

Officers arrived two minutes later and tried to arrest the assailant, who wielded an axe at a police officer. One officer then shot the man in a knee and a hand, authorities said. Nielsen said the suspect was admitted to hospital but his life was not in danger.

Mr Westergaard was said to be "quite shocked" but was not injured.

Jakob Scharf, who heads the Danish intelligence service, PET, said the attack was "terror related"...

Nuh uh. It was jihad-related. Terror was--is--merely the tactic employed in pursuit of a global caliphate that will enforce sharia law.

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