Monday, January 4, 2010

Not So Easy-Peasy

Re our current predicament, Phyllis Chesler comments:
It is the twenty-first century and there is a world war (and a war of words) going on. We cannot fight it as if it were the same as a 20th century war. This is not our father’s World War Two or Korean or Vietnam War. We need targeted assassinations, Israeli-style airport security personnel, and superior intelligence more than we may need boots on the ground. Above all, we need to educate brainwashed peoples. This is a real challenge since most of our professors and their students are all on the boat to Gaza, either actually or ideologically.
Yes, but the Herculean challenge is to "educate" the "brainwashed" when the brainwashers control the levers of academe and the mainstream media and academe and are so intent on putting an end to the most "wicked" polity in the world.

I know--maybe we can enroll them in one of those Saudi Arabian-style fingerpainting/Snickerslicious reeducation programs.

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