Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sticking It to the 'Agenda'

"Obama's agenda in peril after historic GOP win" screams the front page of the Globe and Mail.

Well, fingers crossed, anyway.

The more accurate way to put it would have been "With the U.S. in peril from historic Obama agenda, Massachusetts voters give hopeychange the finger".

Update: "It really is the people's seat, and yesterday the people took it back."

A wannabe senator, Coakley,
Had hoped to amass more votes loc'ly.
But competition was stiffer,
And folks begged to differ,
And now Coakley has gone up in smokely.
Update: This time no one can say it was those knuckle-dragging, cousin-marrying, gun-loving rubes in fly-over states who gave Obama the finger. This time the folks who gave Democrats the old heave-ho were Eastern blue state sophisticates. As The Optimistic Conservative wisely and wryly observes
When P.J. O’Rourke used to go trolling through Massachusetts (which for all I know he still does), he wrote about Massachusetts liberals as an eclectic collection of uptight Vineyard types and uncanny creatures from the darkest depths of the sea, the kind of wild-looking bottom-feeders who seem to blink painfully in the sunlight, and have carapaces that are supposed to adapt to their surroundings but that simply can’t make the adjustment in, well, the Land of Bean-Filled Bonhomie and Sanctimony.
I mention this because I just saw on Fox the shots of Brown giving his victory speech and Coakley giving her concession speech, and frankly, the people lined up behind them looked pretty interchangeable.
They have met the 'enemy' and it is them?

Update: About that 'agenda,' Roger Kimball writes
What is the Obama agenda? All eyes have been focused on the proposed bills to transform the way health care is managed, delivered, and paid for in the United States. The Democrats scored a rhetorical triumph by getting everyone, opponents as well as supporters, to refer to this proposed government takeover of medicine as “health care reform.” “Reform”? What is being proposed is “health care reform” in approximately the sense that Stalin’s collectivization of agriculture in the late 1920s was “agricultural reform.” That effort to bring hope and change to the Kulaks succeeded in what President Obama described as his goal of “spreading the wealth around,” though not, perhaps, in precisely a way that the local (de)population appreciated.

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