Monday, January 4, 2010

This Might Help Explain Kurt Westergaard's Assailant

From the Cophenhagen Post:
Researchers believe inbreeding and poor access to health professionals plays a major part in high infant mortality rates

A medical study has discovered excessive mortality among infants born to Somali parents in Denmark.

Although the risk of losing a child at birth or in its infancy is low in this country, a study published in medical journal Ugeskrift for Læger shows that twice as many children born to Somali parents die in infancy than ones born to Danish parents. Congenital deformities in particular are costing those newborns their lives.

The three researchers who compiled the survey have various ideas as to why there is such a difference in the infant mortality between different ethnic groups.

Professor Anne-Marie Nybo Andersen of the University of Southern Denmark is one of the researchers behind the study. She posits the possibility that close kinship between the parents could be a reason for the high mortality rates.

Parents needed to be aware of the risks involved of close relatives having children together, Nybo Andersen said.

‘It’s on par with smoking, drinking alcohol or a mother having children in middle age,’ she told public broadcaster DR...

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