Friday, July 9, 2010

A Place To Stand and a Place To Grovel

Why would Ontario Attorney-General Chris Bentley give Salman Hossain a second chance to amend his hateful ways when others--for example, David Ahekahew and James Keegstra--were not afforded the same opportunity? And what was the nature of the "rehab" he supposedly underwent, treatment which, by every measure, failed miserably? The answer to both questions may be found here, in BCF's interview with Tarek Fatah. Fatah says that Bentley was hesistant to charge Hossain the first time around because his London riding has a sizeable Muslim population. And, here's where it gets really good, he was sent for "rehab" to the same people who radicalized him--certainly the most novel approach to rehab I've ever come across. Rather like sending the white supremacist for rehab to the KKK. Fatah further insists that hatefulness toward Christians and Jews is commonplace at the majority of mosques.

To recap:
  • despite the A-G's claim that Hossain was sent for "rehab," he wasn't really, since there's no way on earth you can be cured of an ailment by the people who gave it to you; and
  • fear of a backlash from his Muslim constituents was the deciding factor in Bentley's failure to proceed with charges two years ago--and the deciding factor in Hossain's ability to evade arrest by hightailing it to Bangladesh.
That's our Ontari-ari-ari-o!

Update: Officials purposely (and purposefully) dragged their heels for years, allowing the man in question to decamp, but the Jews--the clueless Jews are so goshdarn appreciative of the few pathetic crumbs they've been thrown:
Toronto – Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) released the following statement today regarding the serious nature of the charges that have been laid against Salman Hossain.

“We commend both the OPP and the Attorney General of Ontario for their investigation and subsequent charges against alleged hatemonger Salman Hossain. Mr. Hossain’s website included vile antisemitic rants including an overt and unambiguous call for genocide against the Jews of North America and Europe. This is the first time an individual has been charged in Ontario under section 318 (advocating genocide) and one would be hard pressed to find a more suitable case as a precedent. We are deeply appreciative of the efforts of the Attorney General of Ontario and the OPP to bring us to where we are today. Through their due diligence and hard work they have determined that these charges are necessary and appropriate. Mr. Hossain’s words and actions speak for themselves and he must be held accountable under the law,” said CEO Bernie M. Farber.

“Canadian law provides strong protections under the Criminal Code against advocating or promoting genocide as well as against the willful promotion of hate toward identifiable groups. These laws, reserved as they must be for only the clearest cases, are only as strong as the willingness of the authorities to press charges where appropriate. Today’s announcement reinforces our society’s commitment to protecting the rights of all groups in Canada to live free from vilification and demonization, and certainly free from genocidal threats,” said CJC National President Mark Freiman.
In the words of brilliant Jewish philosopher Cher Horowitz: As if.


Gerry Calderwood said...

Scaramouche, you forget that CJC was not the only Jewish group present at the OPP media conf. B'nai Brith made much stronger statements which I saw today in a few newspapers. Though I suppose you choose to quote the "CEEJ" since it is, as Mark Steyn once noted, the most important Jewish organization in the country. But to be fair all of mainstream Jewry seems to agree on this one.

gama said...

Hey {Scara } mouche using Tarek Fatah's name in vain ?
Giving him the ' benefit of your doubt " ????????????????
From overt current of hate and mistrust to covert undercurrent ! ? !