Thursday, August 12, 2010

Does Fluffy, Multiculti-Besotted Canada Have What It Takes To Screen Gal Bag-Wearers at the Airport?

Security expert David Harris, writing in the Montreal Gazette, thinks not:

...Despite a burgeoning bureaucracy and millions spent monitoring aviation screening, it took a smudgy YouTube video to awaken the government to the fact that face-veiled passengers appeared to be bounding onto planes without necessary security checks. The tentative verdict: Some airport security staff, confronted by unco-operative masked travellers or their male handlers, simply give up and allow boarding without face identification.

YouTube revelations led to more disclosures. Respected Middle East scholar, Daniel Pipes, witnessed beveiled folk -- whether male or female, he couldn't tell -- swanning unchallenged through Canadian boarding controls. A former U.S. Special Forces soldier reportedly saw arrogant face-veiled women "harangue" and threaten a screener with lawsuits for daring to ask to see their faces in a private room. The screener caved, let them pass, and was humiliated with laughter from the victorious women who -- in Arabic -- disparaged "simpleton Canadians."

"Simpleton Canadians?" Quite so. For this fiasco makes a farce and fraud of Canadian jurisdiction, no-fly lists, security regulations -- and ministerial declarations.
See, in Canada we're so excruciatingly "sensitive" (or "simpleton": same thing), a legacy of decades of conditioning by the "human rights" establishment and its collective mishegas, that we'd rather risk a gal bag-wearer toting a bomb in her unmentionables than be accused of "racial profiling": in Trudeaupia, the possibility of a blown-apart passenger jet is distressing, but an accusation of bigotry is truly heinous.

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winnipegman said...

Oh how I wish for the halcyon days of my youth, when the rules and laws were respected and enforced, with the protection or the greatest number of citizens as the ulitmate goal. Thank you P.E.T. for Multiculturalism and ALL of its ramifications. And, a FIE on all of you politically correct individuals.