Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Flying Blind in the Age of Squish

In a country where the multiculti cult of "human rights" has turned us into a bunch of hyper-sensitive weenies cowering before the likes of Barbara Hall and Jennifer Lynch, is it any wonder that airport security workers are reluctant to make waves (and risk being accused of--quel horreur!--racism and/or profiling) by asking Muslim chicks to remove their face shmattas? In such an environment, isn't is just a whole lot easier to let the women through without verifying that their faces do indeed match their passport photos?

The answer to both questions, obviously, is yes. Nonetheless, Transport Minister John Baird has vowed to crack down on this potentially deadly security lapse:

“I think if there’s people who think that, wow, this is too sensitive – that we’ve got to make exceptions – that is just a non-starter,” he said Tuesday morning about the possible reasons why Air Canada officials, who were boarding the passengers, appear not to have asked the women to uncover their faces.
He says political correctness is not a valid reason for not asking someone to show their face. “It’s one law for all, everyone is treated equally and this is not an invasive request to see someone’s face. This is Canada. We’re an open society. It’s part of our Canadian values and principles.”
One law for all? Oh, Mr. Baird, you're so funny. Everyone knows that the law can be set aside if and when peoples' precious and easily-hurt "feelings" are at stake (and the "insensitive" minimum wage airport security workers don't want to be on the receiving end of a "human rights" suit).

Update: Are we now harvesting the fruits of Elmo's "sensitivity training"?

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