Thursday, August 5, 2010

Frum Wimps Out

David Frum says Muslims have "a right"--yes, that's right, "a right"--to build their ginormous triumphalist mosque at Ground Zero.

Sorry, Dave. Not only do they not have such "a right," but to allow them to build on this site is about as inappopriate as it gets. Moreover, while the clueless think it would send a positive message to the Muslim world--that Americans are considerate of Muslims' feelings--it would, in fact, send a terrible one--that America is such a jellyfish, such a pushover, that it's only a matter of time before Islamic law will be calling the shots world-wide.

Update: From an editorial on the non-wimpy NRO site:

This dispute has been presented as a question of whether an Islamic center and mosque should be built in proximity to the scene of the worst act of Islamic terrorism — and the worst act of political violence — ever committed on U.S. soil. But at least as germane to the dispute is the question of whether these particular parties ought to be doing so. The fact that an apologist for terrorists and an associate of terrorist-allied organizations is proceeding with this provocation is indecent. We have thousands of mosques in the United States, and who knows how many Islamic cultural centers in New York City. We do not need this one, in this place, built by these people. We’re all stocked up on Hamas apologists, thanks very much.


sanwin said...

I think this column puts it brilliantly.

Don Sharpe said...

David Frum is half right, the proof is evident as the process of applying for permits and obtaining permission to build the mosque is proceeding. We really don't want the government routinely involved in permitting who can worship where, ever.
This issue exposes what Allen West correctly identifies as cowardice among our leaders, and by extension, among ourselves. That cowardice goes much deeper than the Cordoba mosque near Ground Zero, whose progress through the building approvals process is just a surface symptom of the much deeper cancer that is radical islam growing in our western culture.
We need to replace these liberal politicians, sure. We also need to get off our collective butts and march down to the site and protest. Those of us who understand what we have to lose need to risk some of what we have to ensure this triumphal mosque is never built, no matter how many permits they get.