Monday, August 9, 2010

A Glimpse of Transnational Elitists at Play

The media have been paying close attention to that trial in the Hague which has seen testimony from both Naomi Campbell (who, some years ago, was in receipt of what may or may not have been "blood diamonds" from Liberian thugocrat Chuck Taylor) and Mia Farrow (who was at the same South African soiree, and recalls events somewhat differently than the former supermodel does). Lost in all the coverage, it seems to me, is the creepiness/decadence of the event itself--Nelson Mandela, revered as a secular saint, feteing the likes of Chuck and Naomi and other dubious, disreputable political/celebrity types.

Update: Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Jack Jolis has no patience for the "blood diamond" angst. Like me, though, he questions the aforementioned South African soiree:
It does occur to me that there finally has emerged, in this latest pathetic episode of the sad-sack "blood diamond" saga, a genuine scandal: Just what was Charles Taylor doing as an invited guest in Nelson Mandela's house in 1997? Well, never mind.

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