Monday, August 9, 2010

A Letter From Camp Gitmo

Hello Sisdr; hello Mhadr,
Time to try that Omar Khadr.
Omar's worried 'bout due process
And he's calculating 'xactly what his loss is.

All the judges they are kafirs
So you know that they'll be duffers.
At least the media doesn't hate him.
In fact a lot of them want to 'repatriate' him.

Seem to want us to feel sorry
For poor Omar and his story:
Daddy made him a jihadi,
But that doesn't mean that he is such a baddie.

They must think we're really dumb-a,
'Cause Dad's pal was named Osama.
Chretien sprung him from a prison.
That's the crux of how this problem has arisen.

Take him home, he promises that he'll be good.
Won't fraternize with gangs and hoods.
Oh please don't make him stay
For even one more day.

Dearest Sisdr, Darling Mhadr,
He's the precious little brudr.
Lots more like him back in T.O.,
Sisdr, Mhadr, time to get him out of Gitmo.

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