Monday, August 2, 2010

A Shaggy Dog Story

"What kind of dog is that?" I asked the woman holding the leash of a fluffy, blonde dog who approached our black beast to do the doggie meet 'n' greet. We were standing on the Gravenhurst wharf at the time (this past Saturday), watching the steamship Segwun come in.

"It's a chow-chow," she said.

"I've never seen one that colour."

"No," she said. "They're usually darker. But you can always tell from the tongue--it's purple."

"Right," I said. I didn't notice the tongue. A 'he'? A 'she'?"

"A she. And she's only ten months."

"Very cute. What's her name?" I asked.

"Her name is..."

Can you guess? I'll give you a hint. It's the name of a character from a book/movie who was "born with the gift of laughter...etc."

Sometimes life hands you freaky--and delightful--surprises. When that happens, all you can do is savor the moment. Which, I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn, is exactly what I did.


Jim R said...

Was it Scarapouche? And did she have a sharp tongue as well? :)

Cute story scaramouche. Enjoy your blog. It's always current and it is clear you work hard at it.

scaramouche said...

Thanks. It's an outlet for my spleen and thus of enormous benefit to my well-being.

Cute dog quip, BTW.