Friday, August 6, 2010

Two Haters, Two Media Reactions

When, some years ago, Mel Gibson, "under the influence," unleashed an ugly anti-Semitic rant, the media jumped on it with alacrity, and ran with it for many days. When, some days ago, Oliver Stone--apparently, stone cold sober--expressed some similarly "colourful" spews, er, views, the media responded with...crickets.

What gives? Jeff Jacoby has some thoughts on the matter:
Gibson and Stone are both guilty of indulging in rank anti-Semitism (for which both promptly "apologized"), but only Gibson was buried under a newsroom avalanche of outrage and disgust. What explains that glaring difference? Surely the media don't think Jew-baiting is intolerable only when it comes from a right-wing Christian like Gibson. Surely they wouldn't overlook Stone's noxious rant just because he is a pluperfect left-wing activist.

Surely that can't be the explanation for so disgraceful a double standard.

Can it?

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gama said...

Check out Ezra's recent Blog:
' Mel Gibson '
for a great expose on double standards with superb comments .