Sunday, August 8, 2010

Upsy Daisy

I am intrigued by Daisy Khan, the head of an outfit called the American Society for Muslim Advancement (sounds très NAACP-ish, no?) who has been giving interviews promoting the Cordoba initiative. For some strange reason (darned if I know what it is) the regular media always neglect to identify the articulate Miss Daisy by her married name--Mrs. Imam Rauf. (The non-leftist media have no problem connecting the dots.) Daisy claims to be an advocate of John Lennonesque-style peace-making, and, hey, who are we to doubt her? Look--I've even written the imam's pacific missus an "interfaith"-ish song:

Daisy, Daisy,
Mosque-pushing mouthpiece, you.
You're not lazy,
Working so hard, it's true.
It will be a stylish building.
It WILL be built, Allah-willing.
And it'll look fine
In the New York skyline;
Be divinely-inspired, too.

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