Monday, August 9, 2010

Weep and Rage For Omar Khadr

The Globe and Mail obviously wants you to, because Khadr, whose military trial opens this week, is full of "angst" and has handwritten his lawyer a letter (it's reproduced in the article) in which he says "I hate being the head of a speer" (whatever that means). Also, the trial is bound to be a strain for the poor, put-upon Khadr family:
For Mr. Khadr’s family, it means more questions, more people asking prying questions over the phone or at their Scarborough home.
“Every time there is an article about Omar, about our family, someone comes to our door,” his sister, Zaynab Khadr, said.

“I have too much to say. [But] why would I speak to anybody? Why should I trust anyone?”
The better question is: why should anyone (or at least, any kafir) trust you, Zaynab? But if you're penning an article in which you want to drum up sympathy for Omar et famille, that's probably not a question you would ask.

Update: The Ceeb reports that Omar's clever lawyers are pursuing all available angles:
Among the motions that could be heard as early as Monday — all bluntly opposed by the prosecution — is one calling for lower-key security in the courtroom.
Conspicuous security, the defence argues, could indicate to jurors that Khadr is dangerous and hence suggest guilt.

Jurors know that the guy has been cooling his heels in Gitmo for lo these many years. I doubt that the presence of security will have any bearing on the case one way or another. But, hey, nice try, Khadr attorneys.

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