Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Buck Nekkid Da'wa

In a comment on a post yesterday, I ventured that Islamic History Month Canada's "education" component is nothing more than thinly disguised da'wa (proselytizing on behalf of the one true faith). In fact, it isn't disguised at all. Look at this CIC strategy document from back in '06, the same year the CIC-spearheaded, government-declared Islamic History Month Canada came into being. Under "II Short Term Action Plan," #9 calls for "Enhancing Da’wa (education) efforts among Muslims and non-Muslims alike." In other words, the CIC has always seen Da'wa and "education" as being synonymous.

Isn't it outrageous that, because the government was so clueless/trusting/stupid, we're been permanently saddled with what amounts to an entire month of government-sanctioned Da'wa?

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