Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Buzz About an "Exclusive" Event

There's going to be a special event--Celebrating Islamic History Month--at Queen's Park (the Ontario provincial legislature) tomorrow, and it's "By Invitation Only."

Wish I could be a fly on the wall at that one.

Update: Another intriguing IHMC event--this one open to all--is a lecture at the University of Ottawa on the 17th by Dr. Misbah Islam. Dr. Islam will speak about "Muslim States and Societies: What to do Next?"

If you can't make it to the talk, you could always read Dr. Islam's book, Decline of Muslim States and Societies: The Real Root Cause. Reading the opening chapter, it quickly becomes clear that the "real root cause" of the decline is, well, us kafirs. Which, call me a kooky "Islamophobe," rather seems to conflict with IHMC's stated aim of "building bridges"; kind of hard to "build bridges" with people you insist are responsible for your decline, no? (Dare one opine that IHMC is not so much about "education" as it is about propaganda/miseduction?)


thedailyrasp said...

Dr. Islam only wants to increase "striving for piety and for obedience to Allah’s commands."

Gee, isn't just another part of touchy feeling 'inclusion' and 'acceptance' of other cultures as seen from the insular offices of multi-cult promoters.

truepeers said...

What, you want to blame Islam for the decline of Islamic states? Wouldn't that be some kind of Islamological fallacy? But seriously, the Western-led global market and economy is revealing great limits in the Islamic worldview, its ritualized impediments to free exchange. Let's take full credit for the Judeo-Christian breaking with the classical order and explore the implications without denying the charge, without being guilty white apologists and without standing for any of that "dirty kuffar" crap.

scaramouche said...

IHMC Month is da'wa disguised (and not very well, at that) as "education".