Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gaga Geezers in Gaza a-Go-Go

Another really bad idea whose time, apparently, has come. From the NY Post:
He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! 
Jimmy Carter returned to the Middle East yesterday to promote the latest round of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

And par for the course, given his background, he made the trip with a band of outright Israel-bashers.

So much for “honest brokerage.”

Carter’s (literal and figurative) fellow-travelers include former leaders who like to call themselves The Elders — a limelight-loving, self-appointed crew ostensibly out to save the world.

Their chosen capo di tutti capi: Mary Robinson, the ex-UN bigwig who organized the infamous anti-Semitic Durban Conference of 2001.

Also on board: Algeria’s Lakhdar Brahimi, who believes Israel is a “poison” for which Hamas’ terrorist “resistance” is the cure.

Then there’s India’s Ela Bhatt, who says women’s “feminine way of transformation” will topple Israel’s “occupation.”

Whatever that means.

And, of course, there’s Carter himself.

You may recall his last crusade in the Middle East, which reached an absurd peak when he actually planted a wet kiss on a Hamas leader in Gaza...
You may also recall how, back in '06, he oversaw Hamas's election and embraced the victors, for whom he's been pimping ever since. (And don't even get me started on that bee-yotch Mary "Durban" Robinson.)

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