Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Harris Weighs in on the Delic Debate

Security expert David Harris responds to an Ottawa Citizen opinion piece that decried a suppposedly insidious right wing thing:
Defence Minister MacKay claims the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) is "extremist" and cancelled CIC executive director Zijad Delic's speech at the National Defence headquarters' CIC-driven "Islamic Heritage" shindig.

Enter Aisha Sherazi's misleading defence of Delic and the CIC in her Citizen opinion article. [Link added--ed.] By her telling, right-wing Christian conspiracies explain the turfing. Nonsense.

Delic was the CIC's national helmsman when its Quebec wing imported British Taliban apologist Yvonne Ridley to speak in Canada. He is part of CIC's sharia gender-apartheid lobbying. And, days ago, he led the CIC's support for the international Organization of Islamic Conference's Islamist "blasphemy" initiative -- a frontal assault on free speech and human rights.

Sherazi also ignores the CIC's "media excellence award" to an Islamic publisher whose newspaper reportedly regards 9/11 as "successful" and advocates Iranian-style theocracy. Why?
Why does she imply that former CIC president Mohamed Elmasry, whom Delic served, was repudiated by CIC for his televised extremism? The record shows an ambiguous "apology" and Elmasry's remaining in his post until retirement suited him. He's still affiliated with CIC.

Delic is welcome in respected circles, asserts Sherazi. Like his previous speaking gig at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)? That invitation, typical of dangerously-addled government and RCMP "outreach," came through DFA's notorious "Muslim Communities Working Group."...
The fact that the body charged with keeping our life and limb unsundered has a "Muslim Communities Working Group" is concerning enough. That, prior to this kerfuffle, Delic was a respected guest in its precincts is a sign that we are so far down the rabbit hole (or so far up our own backsides) that by the time we get up to speed on "jihad is the way, sharia it the goal," the sharia expresss will have raced on past and left us in the dust.

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