Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hot Off the Presses!

Get yer copy of the October issue of Inspire. Sure, it sounds like something from the Oprah company, say a magazine full of self-help tips to "inspire" women to be the best goshdarned you you can be. But it's not. It's an Al Qaeda magazine full of self-help tips to "inspire" jihadis to be the best goshdarned shahids they can be. From the Toronto Star:
...The magazine’s content reveals the group’s evolving strategy of rejecting easier-to-stop spectacular attacks in favour of one-man operations, using everyday objects.

That shows the organization is “increasingly agile, lethal and opportunistic,” according to Yemeni scholar Christopher Boucek from the Carnegie Endowment.

The first edition included an article called, “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.”

This new edition includes “The Ultimate Mowing Machine,” which describes how to use a pickup truck “as a mowing machine, not to mow grass, but mow down the enemies of Allah.” It says “to achieve maximum carnage, you need to pick up as much speed as you can while still retaining good control . . . to strike as many people as possible in your first run.”

The magazine includes two articles by renegade U.S. cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who is on a U.S. government kill-or-capture list for his alleged roles in the attempted Christmas Day airliner bombing, and inspiring the Fort Hood, Texas, shooting of 13 troops. Army Major Nidal Hassan has been charged in the killings.

There’s also an article by the so-called American Al Qaeda, Adam Gadahn.

Another American, Samir Khan, describes how he went from online jihadist in North Carolina to full-time terrorist in Yemen. The article is entitled, “I Am Proud to be a Traitor to America.”...
Personally, I enjoyed the "Cooking With Ayman al-Zawahiri" feature. Old Forehead Prayer Icky has a killer recipe for cholent.

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Josephine said...

I think that's the magazine Lars Vilks showed a picture of in his presentation. He was joking about his name being at the top of the list of artists.