Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Like Tampering With Apple Pie

I suspect that one of the reasons people are so upset about Campbell associating itself with ISNA is because Campell's soup is an iconic American product. So iconic that Andy Warhol immortalized it on canvas. (How many other supermarket items can you think of that hang in some of the world's great art galleries?) An article by Dallas Political Buzz Examiner Devonia Smith confirms my hunch:
Way before the school children of America were coached to sing "Barack Hussein Obama. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm", whole generations of Christian children sang, "Mmm, good, that's what Campbell's soup is, mmm, good".
Now Christians, outraged that Campbell Soup has elected to label their cans with Islamic labels too close for "comfort" to groups known to be associated with terrorism, are trashing the company that once was synonymous with "comfort foods"...
Not much "comfort" in knowing that the soup mom fed you in childhood now bears the imprimatur of an outfit that's muy simpatico with the Muslim Brotherhood.

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