Friday, October 8, 2010

A-jad To Give No-Longer-So-Great Satan the Backward Middle Finger Salute

They're falling all over themselves in Lebanon, going to extemes to try to impress A-jad, who's dropping by for a visit next week. They've even built a replica of "Al Quds" with an Iranian flag flying over the Temple Mount (way to suck up, Hezbo). Caroline Glick writes that Israelis are understandably nervous about the would-be genocidaire coming more than a little too close for comfort. But even though he's vowed to make the map spic and span, Jewry-wise, his expected show of triumphalism, says Glick, is not intended primarily for them:
Ahmadinejad's visit must be seen within the regional context that it is taking place. Specifically, it must be seen against the backdrop of Lebanese politics. It must also be seen in the context of waning US power and influence in the region. Finally it should be evaluated in terms of Iranian domestic affairs and Ahmadinejad's ongoing struggle with his people who reject his leadership. While Iran's ill-intentions towards Israel remain static, all of the other developments in the region are dynamic.
One aspect of Ahmadinejad's visit is abundantly clear. It is the diplomatic equivalent of a victory lap. Iran's ruler is using his trip as an opportunity to flaunt his position as the colonial overlord of Lebanon.

Can't wait to see him do his "happy dance."

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