Friday, October 8, 2010

Pimping for Dhimmitude

Bat Ye'or, Andrew Bostom, Martin Gilbert, Robert Spencer and others to the contrary, dhimmitude was actually swell, claims Dr Ismail Zayid of the Canadian Charger:
Paul Bennett in his article (The Halifax Herald, Oct 3, 2010) "Tale of Jews under Muslim rule", reviewing the book: "In Ishmael's House", by Martin Gilbert, relates episodes of Muslims' ill-treatment of Jews. This account contradicts the universal history of Muslims and Jews living together in peace and friendship, until the recent introduction of Zionism. Testimony to this is manifold, and is confirmed by Jewish historians.
Muslim tolerance to Christians and Jews goes back to the inception of Islam.

The first Khalifah in Islam, Abu Bakr, in the year 634 A.D, ordered the commander, Usama Ibn Zayd, of the troops sent to Palestine and Syria: " Do not deceive or cheat and do not torture and do not kill a child or an elderly person or a woman and do not cut a tree or slay a cow or a sheep or a camel. You will find people in their churches or their temples and places of worship; do not molest them or harm them".

These words were The Fourth Geneva Convention, written 1400 years ago.

Similarly, Saladin, in his liberation of Jerusalem from the European Crusaders, went to great lengths to protect the Jews and allow them to return to live in Jerusalem.

Jews and Muslims under Muslim rule worked in peace together promoting momentous civilization in Spain [Andalusia], for over 800 years. There are numerous accounts of Muslims in North Africa, Central Asia, Turley and Albania risking their lives in the protection of Jews from the Nazis, during the Holocaust.

The story of hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees from Arab countries, after 1948, omits the fact that a significant number of these refugees left under pressure by Israeli political leaders calling for the gathering in of Jews to Israel...
Pressure from Arab governments, which confiscated everything belonging to these Jews after forcing them out, more like. My question for Dr. Zayid: would you like to live as a dhimmi under dhimma rules? Somehow, I doubt it.

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