Saturday, October 2, 2010

Power to the Cranky Bloggers!

Cooler heads have prevailed at the Department of National Defense, and Imam Zijad Delic of the Canadian Islamic Congress will not be speaking there during Islamic History Month Canada after all. BCF calls it a small victory in a larger war, and, indeed, it is. Knowing of the larger war, though, and how bamboozling the kafir is such a large part of it, one wonders why a Conservative government would have seen fit to launch this month long taqiyyah fest celebration to begin with.

Here's an example of the sort of thing you can find on the site of Zelic's outfit, an IHMC sponsor--an article about the "horrifying parallels" between Israel and the U.S.; hint: they're both "oppressive"--and here's info about what the CIC calls the "Main Event," a discussion tonight--admission's free--about Islam and the environment (don't tell me--Muslims invented ecology); the Islamists figure they can get a lot more lefties on board if they conflate the two.

Update: If you want a chuckle, look under "Education"

Update: Trusty Binks collates the links.

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