Saturday, October 2, 2010

Predictable 'Shock'

Winnipeg Muslims are shocked--shocked, I tell you--that three of their young men have been "fingered as the subjects of a massive international terrorism investigation." Risibly, this article can be found in the front section of the newly redesigned Globe and Mail, the front page of which features an adorable moppet named Mohamad holding his citizenship document, and this headline: WILL HE ASSIMILATE? SHOULD HE? (Interestingly, in a Globe poll 56% are agreeing with the statement that multiculturalism is a failed experiment.)

The answer to Question A: dunno. The answer to Question B: yup, otherwise, someday his relatives may find themselves in the newspaper proclaiming their "shock" at the "shockingly" radical turn young Mo's life has taken.

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