Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spencer on the Lefty Freak-Out Over the Distaste For ISNA-Approved Soup

Robert Spencer updates the Campbell soup flap, attempting the well-nigh impossible: breaking through the rock solid barrier of lefty cluelessness:
This story about Campbell's Soups in Canada introducing a halal line has gone all over the place -- mostly to hard-Left sites that, either out of ignorance or complicity, missed the main point. Many predictably cried "bigotry!," pretending that I was objecting to the idea of a halal soup line in general. Actually, I couldn't care less if Campbell's Soup introduces a halal line: if there are Muslims in Canada who will buy the soup, then that's the free market for you. Nor is it a sign of Sharia coming to America, unless Campbell's is planning to make all of its products halal, which it is not.

The real problem here is that Campbell's is getting halal certification from the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)...
You can repeat it till you're blue in the face, Robert. They're never going to capiche.

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