Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thoroughly Jihaded Molly

Have you seen the new Broadway musical, the one about the Seattle 'toonist who, for a lark, came up with "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day," and, when certain folks didn't get the joke, felt compelled to put herself into what amounted to a kafir witness protection program at her own expense ('cause the government doesn't and won't pay for such things)? No? Well, here's the show's theme song:

Everything today is really jihadi.
(Better check their underwear.)
Everything today is all systems go.
(Draw a Motoon if you dare.)
It's pure insanity and vanity, too,
To think sharia's the only law for me and you.
Have you seen the way they blow up on YouTube?
(Isn't it deplorable?)
Want us to submit, bow down and kowtow.
(All in all it's horrible.)
Goodbye, bad kafir girl,
Insulted their Mo.
So don't complain, just watch that
Thoroughly Jihaded Molly go.

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