Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Very Definition of 'Useful Idiots'

George Jonas blasts the foolishness of Canadian "feminists" who, in the name of multiculti and "human rights," have consigned their Muslim sisters to a second-class fate and opened the door to sharia law:
The leaves are falling, as they do every October, but LEAF, the women’s Legal Education and Action Fund, seems impervious, or at least resistant, to changes of season. This week the sisterhood is celebrating whatever role it played as intervener in (a) acculturating the quaint custom of wrapping up women like sausages and (b) legitimizing the idea of defendants having to face masked accusers in Canadian courts.
From now on, at least until a higher court decrees otherwise, shariah will gain a symbolic foothold in Canada’s justice system. Trial judges will determine case by case if a witness can testify wearing a niqab. The door had been opened by blue-ribbon feminists; the mullahs just walked through. Ironically, in Ontario the burqa isn’t the Taliban’s fashion statement but feminism’s...
Lucky for the "blue-ribbon" chicks they don't have to wear the sharia fun-sack--not yet, anyway.

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