Sunday, October 10, 2010

Who Does NOT Want Canada to Get a Seat on the UN Security Council

1. Khaled Mouammar, formerly of Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board (where he served alongside his own and Harpoon Siddiqui's missus); currently, head of the Canadian Arab Federation. Mouammar thinks the Harper government is way too anti-Arab for that august body.

2. Michael Ignatieff, formerly of the tour ivoire, currently, the so-far-hapless leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Ignatieff says we don't deserve the seat because Conservatives are in power and their policies don't gibe with that august body's.

3. Me. Who the hell wants to associate with such riffraff? Why give it credibility, respect it doesn't deserve? The UN is a failed concept, a spent force, currently in the iron grip of scoundrels, despots, lunatics, and wicked Jew-haters. Should we manage to score a seat on that "august body," what's the likelier scenario: that we will change it, or that it will change us?

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