Sunday, December 5, 2010

Confounding Inconsistency

How proud I am to have a Prime Minister who, alone among world leaders, is willing to stand up on principle and without hesitation for Israel.  That said, I find myself at a loss to explain how a government that is so solidly behind Israel on the international front could give so much money--just under a $1 million here and a whopping $3 million+ here--to Mississauga-based Palestine House. Earlier this year, it was revealed that PH was involved in some rather shady financial shenanigans (to put it mildly). Further, and perhaps even more alarmingly, it doesn't even try to hide its desire to eliminate the Zionist entity and replace it with an Arab one. And it you don't believe me, take a look at its motto--"We shall return"--and its logo (at the bottom left)--a map of Israel and the Arab territories covered entirely in Arafat keffiyeh chequers.

Update: Here are some of the many programs offered by PH and funded by you and moi, the Canadian taxpayer (begging the question: You freaking kidding me?):
Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC)- offers free courses to adults, childcare service (for participants) and transportation * teaches students to communicate effectively in 5 key areas: reading; writing; speaking; Canadian geography and history * offers classes from the Literacy Level to Level 6

Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program (ISAP) - provides comprehensive services to new comers assuring quick settlement and adaptation in Canada * services include: general information about life in Canada; healthcare, education, employment-related services, transportation, housing and social assistance, translation and interpretation, referral to community resources, youth settlement services * offers services in English, Arabic and Mandarin

Seniors Committee - organizes monthly dinner gatherings for the older men in the community to share food and thoughts * organizes activities and events such as card games, computer-literacy training, and field trips to festivals, national parks, and recreation areas

Youth Committee - aims to bring youth from the community together in a space where they can work toward common goals * youth mentorship - for youth at risk, as well as for students needing help with school work, university applications, standardized tests (e.g. LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, etc) * Youth Study Group & Oral History Project - in coordination with the Palestine House Resource Centre * brings youth and seniors from the community together to record the narratives and stories of our people, and to research, document and record these stories * group trips - picnics, paintball games, sporting events, theatre and music performances, etc * organizing social events and gatherings to bring people together, raise money, and showcase local talent * organizing sporting events, such as basketball and football (soccer) pick-up games and tournaments in the area, as well as supporting the community's athletic teams

Arts Programs - offers arts and performance projects aimed at preserving heritage art forms (such as dabkah and oriental/ Eastern music) * develops contemporary art (such as theatre and contemporary Eastern music) that builds on a history of Palestinian cultural production * hosts occasional art and photo exhibits, invites artists to give presentations about their work, and organizes trips to arts festivals in Toronto, Montreal and Detroit

Dabkah Classes/ Dabkah Troupe - for beginners and Dabbeekeh * dance-form that symbolizes a connection to the land

Heritage Archive - In coordination with the Palestine House Resource Centre, the arts program is working to build an archive of Arab and Palestinian artwork, and art resources * materials collected include digitized artwork * books of and about Arab and Palestinian art * political poster art * taped theatre, music and dance pieces and performances
Leaving aside for the moment the puzzling reality that Arab anti-Zionists offer services in Mandarin (what's up with that?), it is evident that we're getting an awful lot for our money--a lot of anti-Israel propaganda and Zionhass, that is.

Update: Palestine House is one of the lovely outfits that backs Israeli Apartheid Week.

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