Friday, December 10, 2010

Lies, Damned Lies and Diplomacy

Writes the ever-insightful Diana West (who is never afraid to torpedo received wisdom and prevailing orthodoxies) re WikiLeaks:
Whether such information was originally "classified," the body politic should be electrified by the fact, as revealed by the leaked cables, that nations from Pakistan to Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia are regularly discussed as black holes of infinite corruption into which American money gushes, either through foreign aid or oil revenue, and unstaunched and unstaunchable sources of terror or terror-financing. If this were to get out -- and guess what, it did -- the foreign policy of at least the past two administrations, Democrat and Republican alike, would be unmasked as a colossal failure.
Indeed. The duplicity of diplomacy is one thing, but lying to the American people about these fundamental issues is something else again, and opposition to this un-democratic and destructive modus operandi must not be drowned out in the uproar over the privacy breach and Julian Assange's anti-Americanism.

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