Friday, December 10, 2010

Ryerson Sings: 'I'm Dreaming of a Non-White, Non-Specific Wintertime Holiday..."

It's multiculti gone wild at Toronto's Ryerson U., where Christmas--you know, babe in a manger, Three Wise Dudes?--appears to have been lost in the p.c. shuffle. Writes Mike Strobel in the Toronto Sun:

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas — but not at Ryerson. The Grinch’s alma mater.

The university has released a guide to the holiday season, as a public service.

“In a country as multicultural as Canada, the months of November, December and January are filled with cultural festivals and celebrations,” says the release. It lists the biggies. Hmmm, let’s see...

Hanukkah, Jewish Festival of Lights. St. Nicholas Day, celebrated by European cultures. Las Posadas, Mexican celebration of the nativity.

Epiphany, Christian celebration of the visit of the three wise men. Lohri, harvest festival of Punjab. Pongal, Hindu festival marking the start of the sun’s move north.

Wow. Lots going on.

They left out National Cookie Day and International Ninja Day. But otherwise, I can’t think of anything...oh, hang on a jiff, there is one, something’s on the tip of my tongue, yes, yes, starts with ‘c’...I’ve got it... CHRISTMAS!

You know. Mistletoe. Bing Crosby. Santa. Away in a manger. Dashing through the snow...

Does Ryerson have something against Christmas?...
Nope. Only against "hegemonic" white Christians (having swallowed the Marxist tripe that underpins much of our state's official religion, the "anti-racism/human rights" cult. Rather ironic, given that K. Marx, the chap whose writings inspired it all, was an egregious racist who wrote hair-raising stuff about that-perjorative-for-black-people-that-rhymes-with-Tiggers and Jews.)

Here's the Ryerson holiday song, sure to become a seasonal standard:

I'm dreaming of a non-white, non-specific
Wintertime holiday,
Just like that guy Pierre Trudeau.
With no hint of Jesus,
It's sure to please us,
To see the "hegemon" brought low.
I'm dreaming of a non-white, non-specific
Wintertime holiday,
With ev'ry p.c. rule I pass.
May your days be rid of priv'lege and class,
And may your head be lodged clear up your ass.

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