Saturday, January 8, 2011

And The Winner Is...

"Martyred With Children" won top prize in the Katie Couric name-the-Muslim-Cosby-Show contest.

Why they didn't pick my entry--All(ah) in the Family--I'll never know.

Update: Here's the theme song:

Boy, the way the Prophet slayed.
Got to pillage and invade.
Holy warriors had it made.
Those were the days.
And we knew who we were then.
Chicks were chicks and men were men.
Mister we all need to shout out "Allahu Akbar!" again.
Didn't brook the infidel.
Zionists all go to Hell.
Gee, it all was really swell.
Those were the days!

1 comment:

Man with Hat said...

On the list of notables, you're number 2! Did you send in the song as well?