Friday, January 14, 2011

I Like "The S.S. Zionhass"

The National Post is soliciting names for the as-yet nameless Canadian fast boat to Gaza. (Some of the risible suggestions those supporting the ship of fools have so far floated include "Apartheid Buster," "Ark of Eden" and--come again?--"The Louis Riel.")

As far as I'm concerned, there's one name that should win hands down--BCF's "Sea Hitler."

Update: Thought I'd give this one another go:

I'd love to get you on a fast boat to Gaza
With useful idiots galore.
Get you and keep you berating the Jews.
Help those "poor" Gazans
Whose woes are old news.
Out on the Medi it's bound to get heady
Thinking about our virtue.
I'd love to get you on a fast boat to Gaza,
Think of the good we could do.
Update: "Mavi Canuck"? "Maple Raider"? "Bethume" (sic)? "The Saint Louis II"? Oy vey.


Osh said...

Yeah, I'm thinking the Sea Hitler too. But wait ... Ark of Eden? WTF!!!

scaramouche said...

I also like "The Jenny Peto" and "The Useful Idiot."

scaramouche said...

"The Post Mortem"?

Laurie Johnson said...

How about Marie Celeste. Hopefully history will repeat

Jason said...

I'm thinking "The Sea Schlepper"