Monday, January 3, 2011

More Ramadan 'Profundity'

This--this?--is what makes the intellgentsia fall all over itself, agog at the man's "deep" thinking--this empty, vapid double talk? From Foreign Policy:
In Germany, Angela Merkel has said that multiculturalism failed. But it has not failed. The facts and figures are showing that it's working. It's only in our mind that Muslims and Westerners aren't integrating. But the true success of integration is to not talk about integration.

When Bush called Islam a religion of peace, it didn't mean anything. He could have said that Islam is a religion of war, just as much as Christianity or Judaism. When I travel in Muslim-majority countries, I tell them: We are not victims. But they are nurturing a sense of victimhood.
Quel genius (not)!

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