Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh No! Not the Dreaded "I" Word!

In a letter to the Winnipeg Free Press, the head of the "human rights" mausoleum assures all and sundry that, pace rumours to the contrary, the joint will be--what's that word all the kids like to use these days?; oh yeah--"inclusive":
...I would like to assure Canadians that the content of the museum will be inclusive, it will be diverse and it will be inspiring. Yes, indigenous rights and the Holocaust will be examined. So will many other issues: mass atrocities, gender issues, the rights of persons with disabilities, sexual orientation, children's rights, women's equality, labour rights, poverty, racism, language rights, age, migration-immigration and others. The CMHR will explore past successes like the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and current human rights abuses like the situation in Darfur. Most of all, the CMHR will inspire debate and dialogue among people about human rights issues and will encourage people to take a stand for human rights.

Stuart Murray
CMHR president and CEO
Take a stand for human rights in the old-fangled sense of the government minding its beeswax and not hassling people? I think not. This is an edifice devoted to "human rights" in the modern, UN sense of endlessly hassling people to get them to toe the politically-correct/anti-blasphemy line. As such, it is a perversion of the concept, and construction should be halted forthwith before this ill-conceived "museum" can do any serious damage.

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