Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Peto's Lament

In an interview with the U of T campus rag, little Jenny Peto tries to account for the National Post's interest in her work:
JP: It's part of a larger pattern. The National Post is an extremely right-wing publication, unapologetically so. They present a very, very right-wing view and take a particular interest in issues around Israel. So they have written damning articles about the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid…

I remember when [TIFF] was doing a spotlight on Tel Aviv and there was a huge international uproar against folks putting a positive light on Israel just a few months after the massacre in Gaza. And in that time the National Post editorial board was just spinning out hateful article after hateful article.

This is about running a very right-wing publication and obviously me being a left-wing activist but particularly around the question of Israel. The editor in charge of comment is Jonathan Kay, who's a very staunch supporter of Israel, who has done this kind of character assassination to many, many people before me and he'll continue to do it to many, many people after.
She forgot to say "immensely right-wing." Then again, she also neglected to mention that she and her ilk are situated in the nosebleed section of the far, very, very radical, extremist Israel-and-America-loathing left. Her bad.

Update: Have you heard the Jenny Peto nursery rhyme? It goes like this:
Little Jenny Peto,
Listen to her bleat-o.
What is she saying?
"Zionism's eee-vil."
Hates the hegemonic;
Fuels misery and dread.
Loves the Palestinians
And Mouammar, Khaled.

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